Amanda Bynes – Inglot Cosmetics


Amanda Bynes is sure turning heads with these bold lip colors, and we LOVE it!
(Want Amanda’s Lips?)

Looking for a bold lip that lasts?
Inglot extended their Freedom System Lipstick collection with 10 vivacious head turning colours that will be sure to make a statement.

With ingredients like vitamin E and apricot kernel oil, these spring colours will not only make those lips look fabulous, but it will also nourish and smooth as it is worn. It’s the perfect duo for that pout after the harsh winter months that they’ve endured.

Try colours like Orange Rust, Magenta and even the season’s hottest trending colour, Emerald Green. These pretty tints have great longevity and a tendency to leave a scent of candy behind. Some other products can feel sticky, but with this Freedom System Lipstick collection, there never has to be a worry. To boot, the formula and the hues are great for mixing and coming up with that ideal shade that works perfect for any individual. It’s a sure way to create an original look.

This collection can be found at the local Inglot store (right in Midtown), select Macy’s and online at, for only $5 each; it’s bold beauty on a budget .

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