Cordell Broadus – Meggings??


Snoop Dogg’s son Cordell Broadus is getting a lot of heat on Instagram this morning, after posting the above photo, captioned “Early morning jog”

Cordell Broadus is a talented and devoted wide-receiver for Diamond Bar High, and has already received a scholarship from UCLA. So naturally, we were surprised to see the haters come out of the woodwork and express their ignorance on UNDER ARMOUR.

simabrain: Haha yo stop it, that’s gay! Lmao

google929: this pic makes him look a lil queer

cheifagram: Nigga are you in leggings?? Wiz got you niggas on that gay shit

terraera3: Lmoooo looks hella gay, not saying you are, but u might wanna take this down.. Looks too fruity

Shortly after, Cordell’s supporters and fans voiced their opinions to the haters:

grecco75: Anyone who thinks track pants is gay gotta be some insecure muthafukas!!

loislanenosuperman: Shame on the ignorance. He’s a true athlete.

handsomeassbigbul: Ppl dumb af they under armor tights all fball players wear em too keep warm in cold conditions If u wasnt a lazy bum ass u would know smh. Nikkas stay hatin

lawsonkitchenmob: Only athletes would know what the tights are and the reasons for wearing them!

__kelz___: Clearly none of u hatin MFs are not n never were athletes.

Us here at CelebriryDNA are fans of Cordell and excited to see what he has in store for us in 2013! You can check out some other photos of Cordell Broadus HERE


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